Cherry Canning

Picked 35 pounds of cherries, most went into canning. Three batches later the recipe was perfected to get it to set and have a full bodied flavor.


Rainbow Cheesecake

I took this recipe from another person's blog, many thanks. I'd seen the idea around on the internet and felt it was time to make one. It turned out really well. Both the recipe and the colors worked out well. Much to my chagrin I used store-bought crusts due to a time crunch. The top pictures are the baked pie, yes cheesecake is technically a pie. The bottom ones are the unbaked cheese filling, the colors seem to have held very well through baking.


Mini Key Lime Pies

These are the first attempt at key lime pies with Oreo crusts. They were made in muffin tins and worked pretty well except that the crust was a little too buttery- the added butter was added to by the melted Oreo filling. The next attempt at these will be made with a crust of Famous Chocolate Wafers instead. Also, the crust isn't the prettiest, the Oreo crust was a tad messy to handle.