Attenborough's Ark

David Attenborough was recently asked which 10 animals he would take on an ark to save. Those he chose made the list because because they are emblematic of the plight of their species, as well as those related to them, and because they "lift the heart". The show, Attenborough's Ark, will broadcast on BBC2 on November 9th at 9pm.

1. Black Lion Tamarin
2.Sumatran Rhino (smallest of the rhinos)
3. Solenodon (venomous mammal)
4. Olm Salamander (blind cave dweller)
5. Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird
6. Darwin's Frog (mouth brooder)
7. Sunda Pangolin (armor plated mammal)
8. Priam's Birding Butterfly (aka birdwing)
9. Northern Quoll (marsupial)
10. Venus's Flower Basket (deep water sponge)


Cute Critters for Everyone

Another post of cute things to alleviate stress.


I've had a bit of a stressful week so I'm providing myself with these pictures, but it would be rude to withhold such beauty from others, so here are some beautiful snakes.
In order: leaf-nosed snake, rough green snake, red-tailed boa, green vine snake, ring-necked snake, and blue Malaysian coral snake.


Plant MRI

An MRI, to simplify, works by taking pictures of minute slivers of what ever is placed inside it. Think of it like and egg slicer where each slice is microns thin and a photograph is taken of it. These slices are then run together like a flip book to form a video. Andy Ellison of Boston University Medical School put a whole bunch of produce though an MRI. The results are beautiful.